Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sisters rocking it for the Bookfair

The gorgeous Anzin Sullivan Girls.

The Fanciest Nancy in the North

For Bookfair 2010 Bailey chose to go as "Fancy Nancy". You had to chose a character from a book you like and take the book with you.
We had fun getting this outfit together, although there was a mad rush to get to school on time!

Styling up!

Bookfair 2010 - I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto

Dorothy AKA Gorgeous Georgia Girl Sullivan
Loving those braids...

Toto... (Sit Ubu Sit, good dog - Opps, wrong one!!)

Modern day Dorothy Shoes....

Dressing up with the girls for Bookfair

Mark went as Biker Boy (ha ha, just kidding but he rode straight from night shift and it was either this or his fireman outfit!) Erin is dressed in her "Pebbles"outfit.
Pebbles just taking a moment in between photo shoots.

Georgia insisted on Erin having her hair up!

Shake it Baby!

Welcome Baby Ollie

One of Marks good friends became a dad for the first time. Welcome Baby Olive Megarrell. We went to visit Ollie at the hospital, Erin doesnt look like the baby anymore! Mum, do you remember Liam? He was the one who visited the night of Nikkis dog saga with the big tattoo??

What we do when the Visitors leave...

Oops the photos are back to front!! Here is the finished product.

Mark painting the concrete a greyish colour..

Laying the foundation for the fake grass. We really wanted a deck but with me on maternity leave and the money drying up, fake grass it was!

And the Visit continues...

On Mum, Dad & Don's last night we all went down to the Trailer Boat Club for sunset, dinner and good times.
A Couple of Grandad Bills favourite grandgirls...

Julia stopped by for a quick photo with me....check out Georgia and Bailey, they are way uncool!

Such a beautiful sunset. A memory of Darwin for my Mum. XX