Sunday, April 25, 2010

Melbourne Holiday March 2010

As most of you are aware we went to visit Marks family in Melbourne and to have a little holiday camping down at Wilsons Promotory. We had glorious weather the whole time and did not look forward to coming home to the heat. Here is a snap shot look at our trip.....

Feeding Myself

This was Erins attempt at eating mashed potatoe! She didnt really like it at all!
Ahh, thats where they put my dummy!

Here Mark is giving Erin her first bottle, she took it well and we now try to give her one a day.

Erin is growing up very fast. She prefers to feed herself rather than be spoon fed. Foods to her liking are watermelon, pear, rusks, chicken bones and toast, although the girls comment that the floor gets most of the food not Erin!! Just so long as Bailey doesnt try to copy her....

Erin is six months old!!

Hello, Erin is now 6 months old and to celebrate we took her to Parap Pool with a couple of friends for a half year afternoon tea!

Big Sister Georgia took Erin down the slide - she loved it! She truly is a water baby.
Here she is doing it on her own, trying to impress her friends Ashlee and Caelen.

Kicking back, its fun to be 6 months old!

Is this the cutest naked baby ever? We love her being rudey and so stole off with her clothes!! She is almost crawling and is forever putting herself into the downward dog pilates move! She is one strong baby girl!

Lake Bennett

On Saturday 24th April we headed down to Lake Bennett for the Darwin Tri Club "Club champs"event. Mark had a good race and I teamed up (run loeg only) and also had a good run out there. While we were busy racing, the kids were cheering everyone on, helping with the water stations and as you can see here - up to no good!!

Bailey catching Cane Toads - Totally Gross!

Georgia being a great help with babysitting Erin. Georgia being our resident fashionista thought the flower was a nice touch for Erins outfit.

Well here is one member of Team 1 and the other is just a cute baby girl!

Isn't she so yummy?? And I must agree that the flower is a success!