Monday, May 31, 2010

April/May 2010

Bailey received a surprise package in the mail from Aunty Leonie which included a little Teddy Bear and a game for her DS. Sorry girls, Leonie is now the fav Aunty....
Erin and I went in the PAWS walk for the RSPCA. We walked with Nikki and her dogs Busta and Slade and also Tara with her dog Milly. I felt like the odd one out with only a baby and not a dog! This dog won the prize for most elegant dog. I'm not sure if you can see but he has a top hat and tails on!

One of the girls from my work left so I made a Chocolate Mousse cake (called a Choc Truffle cake in the book..). It was very rich and we could only eat a bite of it each. Even Georgia couldn't eat much more than a bite!

April/May 2010

Erin is laughing here because she is playing drop the food game, which she thinks is fun. She drops the food and I pick it up! Not fun for the Mum!
She is so cute, loves her cot and her lamby.

Now she can sit and she loves the key on the draw of the filing cabinet (which doubles as our coffee table), keeps her amused for hours!

Off and crawling now....

MMM food monster.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

April/May 2010

Here Mark is busy eliminating the teal colour from our pool fence. He has successfully got rid of all the teal on the stairwells and verandah and is now attacking the pool fence. We are having the panels powdercoated a few at a time but the actual posts need to be hand painted. It's good to have Mark around for this......
Georgia went away on school camp. She shared a tent with her two besties Julia and Maddy. They had a fabulous time and Georgia even attempted the flying fox this year.
Bailey has been a great helper with Erin. Here she is insisting that she is big enough to carry Erin in the pouch. I did get a few strange looks from people who obviously thought I was enforcing child labour onto Bay Who!

Miss Erin, Born to Win!