Monday, February 22, 2010

Praying Mantis and Dragonflies

We have a Pet Praying Mantis (or however its spelt!!) that lives in the same tree outside our bathroom, that the pigeon made its nest in (update - pidgeon laid the egg, egg rolled out onto the ground not 24hours later..). Every night we "spot"it in the tree - it is a bit like playing "Wheres Wally?"as he blends in really well. If you look closely you can see but this picture has the benefit of zoom, the one below is what we see....can you find him?

This dragonfly panel is the last part of the front stair renovation. Darren kindly made it for me. It does have a safety purpose (so Erin can't fall down the gap between the rail and the house) and the added benefit of looking beautiful!

Getting Ready for Melbourne..

We are off to Melbourne very soon to visit Nan and Grandpa, Aunty Leonie, Uncle Matt and Cousins Kelsey and Shannyn. In preparation for our trip Mum has organised some warm clothes and tried these cute bunny slippers on that I was given at my baby shower from the Hattys! Thanks Hatty's I think they will come in handy.

Into the Cot....

I am growing so fast that I am now too big for my bassinette. I can make it rock and it scares my mum! Thankfully, LJ has donated his cot and Dad has put it together for me. Aunty Monica and Uncle Steve provided the beautiful cot sheets!
Here I am sleeping in my Cot. I look so little...

My first night in the Cot did not involve enough sleeping. Now I am free to roll around in a bigger space, I find it difficult to stay still and go to sleep. For some reason, Mummy is not as happy with the Cot as I am!

See, I can roll right over to this side.....Thanks LJ, I am loving my new bed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Erinator

Erin is of an age where she is not so happy to just be left lying on the floor. She prefers to be upright. I had seen these little seats and decided it would fit the criteria perfectly. I took Erin to Toyworld and sat her in the seat. Our first two visits to Toyworld to sit in the seat, she cried. The third visit she lasted about a minute before she cried. So, we now have no seat and spend many an hour carrying Erin in the upright position she prefers! Erin is the boss in this household and perhaps I should be thankful she is not lording on her throne.
We went to Parap Pool on Sunday for a bit of a swim and some sun. Erin had a good time as you can see!

Here Bailey is showing off Erins squishy bum which we all love! Although Bailey is growing fast, Erin is growing faster and wont be long before she is as big as Bailey!!

This is Erins favourite pasttime - playing with the toys above her whilst she is left to fend for herself on the floor. As she is getting older, we are feeling sorry for the toys as she gets them and pulls so hard to get them into her mouth!

What is all the fuss about?

So here I was practising my sitting up, minding my own business and checking out mummy putting the clothes on the line when...

Mum saw the frog that was on the other chair......
We made a run for it, as fast as I could go! Mum had to try very hard not to scream the house down as she doesnt like frogs!

I thought it was quite funny.....

February 2010

Hello all, sorry we haven't posted for a while. Here Erin is showing off her new bathers. The girls thought she needed some as she is always nudey in the water!

Not to be outdone, here is Bailey and Erin modelling their bathers!

Erin loves the water and we usually substitute a swim for a bath!

She is getting very good at swimming!