Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Hello all, we have taken the plunge and decided to join the Blogger world, mainly to show off the girls happenings and keep in touch with the interstate friends and relatives. Hopefully you will enjoy our posts!

2010 is the year of the happy healthy Anzin Sullivans. The girls are not too sure happy and healthy can be said in the same sentence, but are resigned to the fact that when they are here with us they are going to be overloaded on good healthy food and lots of exercise!

Speaking of exercise, I am hoping to get back into some myself and lose about 8 kilos to regain my pre baby body. Mark is doing a few runs, rides to work and throws in the occasional swim. We are certainly not Mr & Mrs Fitness at present, but hope to improve this as the year goes on.

Georgia and Bailey have both got Rip Sticks for Xmas, their bikes and legs for walking or swimming. We hope to get some better weather soon to get them outside!


  1. Welcome to blogging! How special am i to be the first commenter - woot! Good lucky with the happy and healthy resolutions, that is the plan in this household too, although at the moment, we are being very unsuccessful at the healthy part, but am making up for it with the happy part! :-)

  2. Hello There Darwin Anzin/Sullivans. Seems so long we since we were up there with you. So excited you have joined us bloggers. Hope you all get busy with the camera and get some more photos up here! Bill and I send our love and blessings to you all.

    LOL (remember for me this means LOTS OF LOVE)
    Grandma Gem

  3. Yaaay. I love following my other nieces blogs, so I am so glad you have joined the bloggers! Especially while we are over in our motorhome, it is great to be able to follow what is happening at home. xx

  4. Hello Rosie Pose and family, i am very excited to have another webiste that i can lurk around staying in touch with all that you are up to! i just saw photos of erin doing her 'pullups" with daddy and really are making sure everyone is doing their excercise!!! Can you come and be my PT too???
    Luv and hugs, A. Mon