Monday, May 31, 2010

April/May 2010

Bailey received a surprise package in the mail from Aunty Leonie which included a little Teddy Bear and a game for her DS. Sorry girls, Leonie is now the fav Aunty....
Erin and I went in the PAWS walk for the RSPCA. We walked with Nikki and her dogs Busta and Slade and also Tara with her dog Milly. I felt like the odd one out with only a baby and not a dog! This dog won the prize for most elegant dog. I'm not sure if you can see but he has a top hat and tails on!

One of the girls from my work left so I made a Chocolate Mousse cake (called a Choc Truffle cake in the book..). It was very rich and we could only eat a bite of it each. Even Georgia couldn't eat much more than a bite!


  1. is that pistachio on top? looks delicious!

  2. No Ally Cat, it is Mint Aero bar which was meant to be beautifully sliced but melted too quickly for me so I had to just crush it in the end!