Monday, February 22, 2010

Into the Cot....

I am growing so fast that I am now too big for my bassinette. I can make it rock and it scares my mum! Thankfully, LJ has donated his cot and Dad has put it together for me. Aunty Monica and Uncle Steve provided the beautiful cot sheets!
Here I am sleeping in my Cot. I look so little...

My first night in the Cot did not involve enough sleeping. Now I am free to roll around in a bigger space, I find it difficult to stay still and go to sleep. For some reason, Mummy is not as happy with the Cot as I am!

See, I can roll right over to this side.....Thanks LJ, I am loving my new bed.


  1. So delighted to see all these photos of life with Erin. Give her a few more days in the cot to get used to it. She has some fancy clothes and I do like her cot set!! LOL

  2. He He Thats reminds me - Lj didn't seep for months (sorry!). We had to be an inner so he couldnt roll around so much.....