Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Erinator

Erin is of an age where she is not so happy to just be left lying on the floor. She prefers to be upright. I had seen these little seats and decided it would fit the criteria perfectly. I took Erin to Toyworld and sat her in the seat. Our first two visits to Toyworld to sit in the seat, she cried. The third visit she lasted about a minute before she cried. So, we now have no seat and spend many an hour carrying Erin in the upright position she prefers! Erin is the boss in this household and perhaps I should be thankful she is not lording on her throne.
We went to Parap Pool on Sunday for a bit of a swim and some sun. Erin had a good time as you can see!

Here Bailey is showing off Erins squishy bum which we all love! Although Bailey is growing fast, Erin is growing faster and wont be long before she is as big as Bailey!!

This is Erins favourite pasttime - playing with the toys above her whilst she is left to fend for herself on the floor. As she is getting older, we are feeling sorry for the toys as she gets them and pulls so hard to get them into her mouth!

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  1. What a wonderful lot of blog photos and stories. I has been a joy reading them all and admiring your growing family. Keep it up.