Monday, February 22, 2010

Praying Mantis and Dragonflies

We have a Pet Praying Mantis (or however its spelt!!) that lives in the same tree outside our bathroom, that the pigeon made its nest in (update - pidgeon laid the egg, egg rolled out onto the ground not 24hours later..). Every night we "spot"it in the tree - it is a bit like playing "Wheres Wally?"as he blends in really well. If you look closely you can see but this picture has the benefit of zoom, the one below is what we see....can you find him?

This dragonfly panel is the last part of the front stair renovation. Darren kindly made it for me. It does have a safety purpose (so Erin can't fall down the gap between the rail and the house) and the added benefit of looking beautiful!


  1. I could see the preying mantis with my new eyes!! (with reading glasses) and I really like the dragonfly panel. How clever is Darren - creative and practical. Go Erin!!

  2. Hi Rosie, great to see your projects and happy family xx Christie